Privacy Policy

BreachLab collects and stores the following data:

  • Anonymized statistics on high-level user behavior is collected, so that we may fix bugs, improve designs and guide our development.
  • User data, including email addresses, names, organization affiliation and password hashes is collected and stored as part of registration and account management. This data is used to enable authentication and app features for registered users.
  • User-generated content and user-uploaded content and media will be stored on our application servers and tied to user accounts, so that they might be retrieved as part of using the application.

P.S. User names and user-provided content can and will be shared to other users of the application as a natural consequence of using the application – such as when participating in meetings, presentations and other social contexts. Beyond this, no personal or account data will be provided to third parties, unless specifically requested or approved by the user (a typical scenario where such a permission would be requested is when setting up integration with third parties service APIs)

Contact us at for enquiries related to our privacy policy, or to request the deletion of any collected or stored personal data.