Breach Privacy Policy

Last updated: September 16, 2022

Breach AS (“Breach”, “we”, “us”, “our”) makes games, experiences and applications for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality platforms. We refer in this statement to these products, as well as any related websites, forums or social media channels operated by Breach, as our “services”. This policy statement describes how we collect and treat any information collected as these services are used.

The policies and practices described on this page are specifically about the data collection and usage related to the game Kartoffl. Your consent to these practices is assumed by you using our services and playing the game.

We do not collect data beyond what is needed for the functioning and operation of our products and services, we value the privacy of our users, we treat any collected data confidentially and securely, and we embrace the principle of GDPR.

What data and information is collected and stored?

Breach does not collect or store any personally identifiable information, including contact information or personal details, when you download or play Kartoffl. However, such data may be automatically collected and stored by the operators of the platforms through which the game is published (see additional info about this under the “Third party collection” section, below).

High-level statistics and gameplay behavior may be collected both by the publishing platform, as well as through analytics services embedded in our services. This data is stored by the respective third parties, and is accessible to us in aggregated, anonymized form. This includes data points such as:

  • How often the game or service is accessed, purchased, downloaded and opened.
  • High-level tracking of activities and interactions with the service (e.g. game milestones reached, achievements unlocked, content viewed, time spent with the service)
  • Information about how you access the service, such as the type of device used and your country/region.
  • Performance metrics, such as average frame rate, and crash reports.
  • Sales performance of our services on the various stores and marketplaces in which they are available.

Additionally, we do collect and may store information you provide when directly interacting with us or with third-party services associated with our game. This includes:

  • Information, such as your name and email address, you provide to us when contacting us directly via email or other channels, or sign up to our mailing list.
  • Information (such as your username, post content and post date) obtained as a result of you posting about our services or communicating with us on social media or on community platforms (e.g. our Discord server).
  • Publicly visible information when you post reviews and comments, or publish videos or other content about our games and services.

Gameplay-related information connected to your platform user account (such as your in-game progress, settings and achievements) may be stored on your device, and may additionally be stored remotely as part of the cloud storage feature of the platform on which you are playing. This data is not available to Breach.

How do we use the collected information?

We use the collected information for the following purposes:

  • To evaluate how our services are being used and interacted with, so that we might improve on our designs and features.
  • To deliver our services to you more efficiently.
  • To track down bugs and issues, and fix them.
  • To provide support and communicate with you when you reach out to us.
  • To send you any relevant news, updates and marketing materials you have indicated to us that you wish to receive.

What data is being shared, to whom and how?

Breach does not share any personal identifiable or personal information with advertisers or other third parties. We might share some of the above-mentioned anonymized, aggregated statistics publicly, with partners, or for marketing purposes. We might also refer to any information or content that you have posted or published about our games or services, when replying to you or responding to your posts on social media or in other channels.

For information on how data collected by third parties is shared and used, we refer to the section below on “Third party collection”.

Third party collection

As part of providing our services, data may be collected by the following third-party platform operators and service providers. This includes user account data, contact details, and transaction information.

For further information on how the data is collected, stored, shared and used by third parties, please refer to their respective privacy policies:

In order to better understand how our visitors use our web pages, Breach also uses Google Analytics. This entails the use of information cookies to track and store anonymized traffic data and user behavior, such as links you click on and time spent on various parts of our site.

Information cookies are enabled by default in most modern web browsers. If you do not wish to consent to the use of such cookies, you will find the option to turn them off in your browser settings (these web pages might not function optimally if you do, however).

How can you request more information or the deletion of collected data?

Contact us at for enquiries related to our privacy policy, or to request the deletion of any collected or stored personal data.