Places for people is an XR application that empowers the customer to visualize and plan real-estate projects using VR and AR technologies. First developed for the greater area of Gråmyra in Levanger, northern Trøndelag, this tool gives you a new perspective of how the area will be experienced in first person.

The direction of the main entrance, placement of greenery, the height of the building while still being respectful of the local area, there is a lot to be decided in the process. Helping to loop out any major risks regarding aerial planning and HSE (HMS), this could be the solution to make sure your construction is in line with the end goal.

In this project, Breach worked as a developing partner for subsidiary Weave Reality with clients Sands Eiendom, Levanger Kommune and Tindved Kulturhage.

An exciting way of new thinking, brainstorming has a new helper

— Arild Sand, Sands Eiendom