Reality training improves the situational awareness and decision-making of incident commanders in fire and rescue services through training in realistic scenarios. Minature replays of the sessions enable reflections, dialogue and insights.

Reality Training originated as an Innovation project in cooperation with the Fire and Rescue services of Trøndelag and Weave Reality. This training platform allows incident commanders to train their observation and decision-making skills in realistic scenarios.

After completing a training experience, the trainee can review a replay of their execution to reflect and interact with trainers to build insights and critical reflection about training performance and learning outcomes.

To ensure that the trainee always has new exciting scenarios to train on, Reality Training allows for both trainer-generated or procedural-generation of training scenarios to give endless replayability.

Trøndelag fire and rescue service IKS is concerned with utilizing, and further developing, technology that can streamline and improve our way of solving tasks we are given in everyday work. In collaboration with Breach VR, we have developed a VR simulation for use in training our emergency managers. Using this application allows for training both alone and in teams, and allows us both volume learning and peer to peer assessment. Training in VR is challenging in a practical profession as ours, but we see great learning potential for our team members using these tools.

— Trøndelag fire and rescue service IKS