Workshops and Game Jams

Eager to share our insights, we can participate in or facilitate workshops and Game Jams

Horizon Worlds

Partnering with Meta, Breach is building better realities for Horizon Worlds

CUPRA Exponential Experience

High Technology - High Adrenaline

Vitensenteret 2.0

Dora then- and in the future; a journey in time

Valgets Kval

A Virtual Reality experience centered on the prisoners at Grini during WWII

A bright and colorful image of two spuds from the VR game Kartoffl looking at each other and smiling. One spud is sitting on a grass block, looking down at the other one who is standing.


Guide a group of adorable spuds through a series of challenging and varied levels

A moody 3D render from inside the Dora bunkers. Inside are two submarines.


A virtual recreation of the WWII submarine bunkers at Dora

Reality Training

Training situational awareness and decision-making in Virtual Environments

World of Wild Waters

Experience natural catastrophes in Virtual Reality