Mathilde Bernhoft-Osa

junior artist

Mathilde has a bachelors in animation from Volda University College, specializing in CGI. Rigging is of special interest to her as it provides a mix of creativity and a technical aspect that she really enjoys, and there are always new things to learn!

At Breach her main focus is on rigging and animation, but as a 3D generalist she is up for any task. Having mainly worked with film, learning about new pipelines within VR and games at Breach has provided an exciting challenge.

Outside work she likes to be social with sports and outdoor activities. Traveling has been a big part of her life, so she always manages to fit her year abroad in Argentina into every conversation. To wind down after a long day, Mathilde likes to crochet, sew, and making food (especially pastries and cakes), or watching animated films with her boyfriend while enjoying a comforting cup of tea.