Rita Spica


With a Bachelor’s degree in Education (thesis: games & learning), and a Masters degree of Science in Counselling (thesis: Tilting and Coaching in Esports), Rita is our designated people person. With wide experience extending from Project Leader at the Red Cross, to Sit (student welfare organization), creating a successful Discord server to reduce loneliness and alienation among students, she firmly believes that her skills= people + technology <3

At Breach she is our Community & wellbeing manager. Expanding our reach, while taking care of our amazing team! She’s in charge of our online/offline communities, public speaking and in charge of the workplaces’ psychosocial wellbeing.

At home she spends her time reading fantasy books, cook amazing food, watch horror movies for breakfast, and play video games (Borderlands, Hearthstone, God of War, Witcher ++).