The Lab has always been a place of great mystery and exploration. This was the place our high schools never had the funds to fill up with equipment, and you never had the tools you needed. We decided to change that.

Our lab is still a space of great mystery, but in this place you have everything you need for an exploration of the unknown; new hardware, new technology or new collaborations and processes.

The lab contains: a canvas, three high tables with chairs, flip chairs for audience setup, tea kitchen, two rest rooms, & a break out room with a lounge seating group.

Technical hardware: projector, speakers
Headsets from: Oculus, Valve, HTC, Hololens
Camera: Smarttrack mocap, Kinect.

Capacity: 30 people seated presentation, 40 people standing mingle, 12 people seated meeting.

The space is based on street level, and is wheelchair friendly.

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