The "Digital Triplet" is our own model that attempts to simplify the Digital Twin concept by dividing it in three concepts:

  • The Physical Asset: The real device or system.

  • The Virtual Twin: Focused on the Virtual 3D representation and data monitoring of the physical asset.

  • The Digital Twin: Focused on the AI model and data analysis of the physical asset.

This project is an initial exploration of an Industrially focused Metaverse. It proposes that the “Physical World” has to be ported into the “Virtual World”, as well as react to its virtual input. Similarly, the “Virtual World” has to interact with the “Physical World”, and have a solid communication channel to influence and deliver feedback back into the “Physical World”.

Here we combine multiple technologies like IoT, AI and immersive technologies and attempt to generalise and normalise UI/UX interactions within different environments and hardware platforms.

See an example of interactions