Creating an engaging experience for children to connect with nature, using the superpowers of location based AR technology and storytelling.

Go out on a GPS position based experience in nature and discover what the trolls are up to in Trollheimen.

Together with the team at Home of the Trolls, we developed a narrated adventure with Boll and Bøllu as well as a longer troll safari to discover and learn from the trolls in Trollheimen!

Research Findings

AR is great for enhancing a real world experience. In close collaboration with the wonderful team of Gøran and Åse at Home of the Trolls we researched and developed several novel innovations in this project. We developed cutting edge workflows for translating troll sculptures into game-ready 3D models, using photogrammetry data.

Through creation of the “Troll Detector” we leveraged AR-technology in a way that added value to adventures in the wilderness without overshadowing the actual enjoyment of being in nature.