We are excited to announce that Breach is partnering with Meta in building games and helping to shape the future of Horizon Worlds. What exactly we have been building remains a secret for now, but we are looking forward to sharing our creations with the world when it is done.

Horizon Worlds is Meta’s free app for VR headsets (and beyond), that aims to introduce more people to the magic of exploring, playing and hanging out with friends in Virtual Reality. The platform has been evolving since it was first introduced to the public and we are excited to make significant contributions to its journey.

While our work is focused on making games and experiences for the platform, we get to work closely with the Meta team and provide feedback and suggestions on tools and integrations that make the platform better for all creators. Being on the inside leaves us excited for the future of Horizon Worlds, and Meta´s commitment to creating the future of social and immersive gaming and experiences.