A bright and colorful image of two spuds from the VR game Kartoffl looking at each other and smiling. One spud is sitting on a grass block, looking down at the other one who is standing.


Guide a group of adorable spuds through a series of challenging and varied levels


A playfull AR experience designed to inspire and educate children and young adults about nature and trolls in Trollheimen

An image of the hands of a person holding an ipad. The person is standing outside by the ocean, and the screen on the ipad shows a 3D model of a coast line hosting three fish farming methods. The methods have a visual meter showing the impact of three parameters: production intensity, salmon lice, storm.

Eide Fjordbruk

Visualising the future of fishfarming with the help of interactive AR technology

Reality Training

Training situational awareness and decision-making in Virtual Environments

World of Wild Waters

Experience natural catastrophes in Virtual Reality

A 3D scene showing a presentation area located outside under open sky. The ground is paved and its shapes are broken up with flower beds. A large modern de-constructed cement tunnel is placed on the pavement.

XR Presentations

A tool to record and/or live stream virtual events or presentations